Calls to WECT

The call volume to WECT has been the largest in the market so far, which we would have predicted since it is the most watched channel.  Most of the callers that we are getting are people who rely soley on over-the-air television. Many have converter boxes hooked into antennas and are able to get some channels, but not all of them. Since WECT has a less powerful signal than some other stations, many of these people are being directed to reposition their antenna, increase the signal strength by using the signal strength indicator in the DTV menu, or in the worse case scenario, buy a new, more powerful antenna.

Overall my experience with people has been pleasant. Most of the calls that I recieved were from people who knew the change was coming, and were prepeared, but just had small technical problems they were unable to solve on their own.  My hope would be that when the switch is made nationally, there are lots of people on the ground who can assist callers and make house calls, so that people can enjoy their digital television.

/olivia hubert-allen


One response to “Calls to WECT

  1. Prior to the switch I was able to listen to the morning WETC news on my vehicle radio on FM station 87.1 while driving to work. It was great to be able to get the local news and weather while headed to work. Is WETC looking for solutions so that their television broadcasts will be able to be received via radio?

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