A few noteworthy quotes

“Each person needs a different solution. There just isn’t one thing that will fix everybody’s problem.”  – Rachel Beauchemin, District Manager of Radio Shack

“Today at noon, North Carolina leads the nation in an enterprise. It is the most important thing to happen in our lifetime that has to do with television.” 

“We would have cancelled the switch if the hurricane was more of an issue.” – Bill Saffo, Mayor of Wilmington

[In speaking about what a friend had said to him] “You’ve had to be living under a rock to now know about this transition.” – Bill Saffo, Mayor of Wilmington

“This has been the biggest change since iet went from black and white to color in the 1950s.” – Kevin Martin,  FCC Chairman

Danielle Jorgensen, Sales Operator at Best Buy, told us that the store had fielded a lot of calls and quetsions. Many people had trouble with specific channels. She cited channel 3 and 6 as being the most asked about.

/olivia hubert-allen


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